About Us

My Mission

The mission is to help people discover and collect the treasures in the place they visit. I believe that the purpose of travel is to discover new cultures, bring people one step closer to other parts of the world, and create memorable stories to share with others. And I want to help make that happen.

About Tropical Travel

Tropical Travel is a website dedicated to my home city which is Saigon. An idea that centered around attracting foreign people to visit and experience and creating opportunities for them to make friends with local people. The website is launched to do just that. I believe an amazing adventure is marked by a collection of experiences with places and the people that they visit and meet. In order to do that, a great site about it is where the journey first starts.


I believe that a rich and fulfilling life is marked by a collection of experiences with the people and places. I am pleased to provide people with the following services to shape the stories:

  • Events
  • Transportation
  • Accommodation
  • Activities
  • Attraction